Unless you’re visually impaired, not that there’s anything wrong with that, you’ll notice a slightly new look for the Derby this afternoon. It’s a bit sleeker, cleaner, and makes better use of space. We hope you agree. We also hope the Derby will continue to bring you the pure joy, guilty pleasure, and life-altering fulfillment that it brings to our team of contributors.

Speaking of contributors, longtime Derby fans know that attrition is a sad part of life. We’ve lost a few good writers in the last year or two and our ranks have grown a bit thin. So if you’d like to be considered for a coveted spot as a PD Contributor, send us a sample and show off your stuff. Send a paragraph or two to writers[at]politicalderby.com

Though contributors are not paid, they do receive such valuable perks as: David Kaiser’s social security number and DOB, Stephen’s secret high school nickname, and the crown jewel… An 8×10 of Phillip’s McCracken.