Can I get an amen…and maybe some campaign cash, while you’re at it.While checking out the Huffington Post today, couldn’t help but notice they seem to have posted high school love note from a woman named Lisa Gans to Barack Obama. What’s scary isn’t the fact that the author of a piece entitled “Why I think Obama is the Best Candidate on Foreign Policy” isn’t actually a high school student, but an international human rights lawyer, but the cult-like worship and future accomplishments she has assigned to Obama without one single fact to back them up.

Recently, I survived a large-scale attack by the Taliban on a hotel in Kabul, so my sense of urgency about national security and the safety of Americans abroad is based on a very real understanding of the dangers we face. I plan to return to Kabul shortly, and I know I will feel safer and more confident of success in Afghanistan if Barack Obama is in the White House.

How? Why? What about Obama makes her think the Taliban will just give up because he’s President? Doesn’t matter, she knows she’ll “feel safer.” And that, after all, is what matters, right? Feeling safer, not actually being.

Yet another magical power she assigns to Obama is this:

Barack Obama has the ability to deal both with American’s (sic) allies and its enemies.

Why? Because she says so! She can feel it, like a strange disturbance in The Force!

She continues:

Right now, in Afghanistan and around the world, the U.S. needs the support of its friends. Not only does Obama have the skills necessary to reach out to those we have alienated, he has expressed a willingness to do so.

First off, the US needs the support of its own citizens, something liberals have been undercutting for political purposes for the last 6 years. Second, what skills? As Senator, not only has Barack Obama essentially accomplished nothing, he has only worked with people on “the other side of the aisle” once! And that was on Coburn-Obama, a tap in putt bill about government transparency. Where is this mystical skill to reach out to people been demonstrated anywhere?

This hero/savior worship is a boon to Republicans for one simple reason – No one, absolutely no one, can live up to these expectations, especially someone as untested, unchallenged and unaccomplished as Barack Obama is. When it comes, and it will, his fall will be fast and furious, and fun to watch.