My lips are still pink from downing a bottle of Pepto-bismol after reading this story. Ralph Nader, the man many Democrats hold responsible for two terms of Dubbya, has entered the Presidential race as an independent.

Asked why he should be president, the longtime consumer advocate said, “Because I got things done.”

The only thing I can think that Nader got done in the last 10 years is get George W Bush into the White House. This guy turns my stomach more than just about anyone who could enter the race, I think his vanity runs so far and so deep, Carly Simon may have actually wrote that song about him.

Of course I am familiar with his record as a consumer advocate and will give him credit for that, but that credit is about as good as a sub-prime mortgage these days in my view. More spew from Nader:

“In the last few years, big money and the closing down of Washington against citizen groups prevent us from trying to improve our country. And I want everybody to have the right and opportunity to improve their country,” he told reporters after an appearance announcing his candidacy on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Gah, I have to run to the store for another bottle of Pepto.