Yes, I’m taking another not-so-thinly veiled shot at Mitt Romney. In an interview today on a Texas radio station, Mike Huckabee readily admitted that his only hope at winning the nomination is a “deadlocked convention”. He believes winning Texas would alter the dynamics of the race enough to give him a prayer when delegates gather in August to make their pick official.

Listen, I’m not sure I’d call Texas a long shot, it’s more like a 99-yard Hail Mary when your quarterback is Joey Harrington and your receiver is my four-year-old, Kason. But at least he’s still in the game.

And save your comments about me coming around on HokeyBee. I still have serious issues with him and would have a tough time supporting him in the general election, but this little ditty from his interview sums up my problem with Romney quitting before he needed to:

“You don’t engage in battles only because you anticipate you’re going to win them,” he said. “You engage in your battles because you believe that they’re right.”

Amen, Pastor. Amen.