Besides being a political and sports junkie, I also happen to be an avid reader of history, and the 2008 elections are already guaranteed to make history, even though we don’t even officially have nominees yet.

The two “big ones” have been well documented. We now know that the Democratic nominee will be either be African-American or female. Obviously, if either of them were to win, they would be the first of either group to occupy the White House.

Another thing we know is that for only the third time in U.S. history, a sitting Senator will be elected President, the other two being JFK and Warren G. Harding. Only Kennedy was elected to the highest office in the land without having any executive office experience. Before being a Senator, Harding served as Governor of Ohio.

If Senator John McCain were to win the election, he would be the oldest person to take the Oath of Office for the first time, besting Ronald Reagan by several years. McCain would also become only the second graduate of the United States Naval Academy to become POTUS, the first being (believe it or not) Jimmy Carter. He would also become the second President to be a Silver Star winner, the first being Lyndon Johnson.

Barack Obama, despite being the youngest by far of the three candidates left in contention, would only be the fifth youngest President, getting beaten out by Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, Bill Clinton and Ulysses S. Grant. He would also be the first President since the 19th century who had a parent who was not a U.S. citizen.

Hillary Clinton of course would be the first woman to become President, and would be the third Yale Law grad to hold that office after her husband and Gerald Ford.

I have a load of Presidential trivia, if someone gets bored and wants to email me sometime, let me know.