Here’s an interesting piece I just received from Derby regular George Schumer:

It Will Be Richardson

A “dream ticket” for the Democrats, whether Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama, is simply not in the cards. Obama choosing Hillary would fly in the face of his “change” mantra, while Hillary will not choose a VP who will upstage her. The fit for both is New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who brings balance, experience and the right charisma quotient to the table.

Senators rarely win the presidency, partly due to lack of executive experience. Richardson, a popular governor, has demonstrated success in the executive role, giving voters assurance that 1) he can take over as president, if necessary, and 2) his counsel will be a huge asset.

Yet unlike most governors, Richardson brings Washington gravitas to the ticket – perfect for the greenhorn Obama, and a plus for Hillary. Indeed, his service as governor, U.N. Ambassador and Secretary of Energy makes him a great VP choice, but the fact that he’s Hispanic and Catholic (think Ohio) puts him into the realm of slam dunk/no-brainer.

There’s more, though, to the fit. Richardson is no stranger to presidential politics, having been through the early primaries – the travel, the debates, the media pressure, etc. He actually won the battle of second-tier candidates in both Iowa and New Hampshire. That’s a positive, too – that Richardson, a second-tier candidate, will be competent, but is no threat to steal the spotlight.

The icing on the cake: Pick Richardson and New Mexico, a swing state, goes safely in the Democratic column.

Bottom line: It will be Richardson.

Anyone agree?