Hillary Clinton latest desperation tactic (and don’t fool yourself, she’ll continue at least until the convention) is to release attacks ads in Wisconsin ahead of Tuesday’s primary. The ads chastise Obama for refusing to debate Hillary, implying that the poor voters have no way of deciding for whom they should vote. Hillary’s deep concern for voters is clear, but not nearly as profound as her obvious contempt for them.

The candidates have already engaged in nearly a score of debates, and unless Hillary has decided to abandon universal health care, take responsibility for her support of the war, or utter a sentence that somehow doesn’t include “Bush” and “evil”, then she really has nothing new to say. Her spin machine has tested every angle they can think of, and are reduced to grasping at novelty curly straws. For Hillary to argue that the myriad debates and round-the-clock news coverage haven’t been enough to let her get out her message is simply her calling the Wisconsin populace ignorant. Not the best way to win voters, but maybe her new campaign staff hasn’t figured that out yet.