What can you say about the democratic race when Hillary Clinton is beaten by combined 103% in the Potomac Primary? Go ahead, soak that in for a minute…

The much-hyped primary was all SPAM and no sizzle. It was such a blowout you wonder if in retrospect Obama wishes he hadn’t bothered. And certainly Hillary’s time could have been better spent in the last few days.

Get a load of these eye-popping numbers: Obama beat Clinton 75-24% in DC, 60-37% in MD, and 64-35% in VA. What? You don’t want to count the overwhelmingly black-populated District of Columbia? Sure, then he only beat the Queen by a combined 52% in two states. (technically one state and a commonwealth, but “whatev” as the kids are sayin’)

She was so demoralized she must have wished the night had never happened. (Feelings reminiscent of her wedding night, no doubt.) Hillary even failed to congratulate Obama in her “all hat no cattle” TX speech. That sort of classless display comes as a complete shock to political observers, eh?

It’s now down to TX and OH. She must win both – period – or this race is over. Of course she’ll run on because for the Clintons power is the bar on the world’s fastest roller coaster. It’s impossible to let go. Some will argue it’s already over.

Republicans also had no surprise winners, but the numbers themselves were equally interesting. Yes, presumptive nominee JMac won by a healthy 9-points in my home state of Virginia. But the real story is that despite his role as the inevitable nominee, he managed to pull only 50% of the vote. Consider that, folks. The man Virginians know will top the ballot in November, the man driving the momentum bandwagon, had half the voters tell him “no thanks, Caspar.”

Huckabee nabbed 41%, again dominating among voters self-identified as “conservatives”. He pledged to fight on until McCain has the 1,191 needed to clinch the nomination.

One wonders if Mitt Romney cares that history will remember this as a two-man race, a battle between a moderate republican and the lone remaining voice of the conservative base. Oh well, he can at least enjoy knowing that despite no longer being a candidate for president, he beat Ron Paul in Maryland yesterday. Priceless.