Rumors are flying that should Barack Obama still be leading among delegates at the convention, Hillary Clinton is preparing a “war” to take the super delegates, and the nomination. An insight was made into the mindsets of the two Democrats on, of all places, the Colbert Report.

Last night, Stephen Colbert interviewed New York governor, Eliot Spitzer, who had pledged to support Hillary at the convention. When asked what kind of bribe would be needed to get him to switch to Obama, Spitzer said that he had told Hillary he would support her, and would until “the end.”

Colbert then spoke with DC representative, Eleanor Holmes Norton, who is backing Obama. Norton had discussed it with Obama, and they both agreed that should Hillary win among popularly elected delegates, she (and, presumably, Obama’s other super delegates) should switch over to Hillary. So Hillary has told her people to back her no matter what, while Obama seems to favor democracy. Sounds about right.