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The GOP Horse Tip Sheet
Rankings last updated: February 13, 2008
Power Ranking The Horse Mug Shot Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 John McCain McCain Up After being embarrassed in Kansas and Louisiana, McCain rolled to comfortable margins in the MD/DC/VA/Obama primaries. Though he’s been talking about uniting the party since his win in SC, so far all he’s done is chase Rudy, Fred and Mitt from the track. Talking about uniting the party is one thing, actually uniting the party is quite a another. Nevertheless, the Derby congratulates the oldest presidential nominee in history. Oh sorry, JMac, we said THE OLDEST PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE IN HISTORY.
2 Mike Huckabee Huckabee Even The Mormons settled Nauvoo, IL in the 1800’s. To this day, the locals refer to a large pesky mosquito eater as a “Mormon fly”. What does this have to do with Huckabee? After asking, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?” and refusing to say Mormonism isn’t a cult, Huck has become John McCain’s “Mormon fly”. How’s that for irony? Think he’ll convert?
3 Ron Paul Paul Even Team Paul has announced that they are “scaling back” the national campaign to concentrate on his congressional race. There are so many potential jokes to insert here that it physically hurts to choose. Let’s just say 5% of them would have been very, very funny.

The DEM Horse Tip Sheet
Rankings last updated: February 13, 2008
Power Ranking The Horse Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 Barack Obama Obama Up
Obama’s won eight straight, he’s raising a million dollars a day, and he now owns the delegate lead. Unless he loses TX, OH and PA, or Clinton finds a picture of Obama wearing a turban and hiding a crop duster in his garage, he’s going to be the democratic nominee.
2 Hillary Clinton Clinton Even
Despite steady national numbers and two-years as the frontrunner, Hillary’s looking like a loser horse that suddenly can’t win a race. After getting her cud handed to her the last two weeks, she’s put all her hope in delegate-rich Texas and Ohio. Sound familiar? That’s right, you read the phrase here first: Hillary’s “Pulling a Rudy.” (Copyright 2008, PoliticalDerby.com, All Rights Reserved, Some Restrictions Apply)
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