Seriously, the things that have been done and said during the 2008 primary season have to make this one of the wildest, inane cycles in recent memory. Who needs the Hollywood writers, we have plenty of great and goofy stories in political circles to keep us entertained for months.

Some of the better stories include:

The rise, fall and rise again of maverick Senator John McCain as the front-runner for the GOP nomination.

The revolt of the conservative talking heads to said rise of McCain, including Ann Coulter’s promise (threat?) to campaign for Hillary Clinton if McCain were to win the GOP nod.

Chelsea Clinton calling her mom the “most fiscally conservative candidate running”.

One my personal favorites was a John Edwards fundraising email that made use of his mother’s pecan pie recipe to solicit donations.

I also loved a couple of the debate zingers that Joe Biden dished out, one self-deprecating about his verbosity, and a second salvo that pretty accurately summed up the Rudy Giuliani campaign.

So what is your favorite moment so far?