10 FEB 2008
It was wintry and windy waiting in line outside Bowie State University ce soir. Nice to be home and cozy writing about my evening with Hillary, Martin, Tony and Jack. (That’s Clinton, O’Malley, Brown and Johnson, Maryland’s newest law firm.)

And about 3,000 others jammed in a gym at the historically black school.

Strategically for Hill that was a good site choice. The audience was mixed (age-, sex- and race-wise)and shivering. We stood in line for about 20 minutes outside, long enough for me to be glad I had worn socks with my Crocs. (Yes, but they’re silver Mary Jane Crocs and the socks are rainbow-striped.)

Anyway, the air was not exactly electric, except for a bit of static charge. But the crowd was enthusiastic. Most of the folks I spoke to were supporters, although there were a few hoping to be convinced.

I’ll give you more details after I see Barack in Bawlmore, hons.