With John McCain having all but mathematically eliminated Mike Huckabee, the McCain VP rumors are swirling. Suggestions of his pal, Rudy Giuliani, wouldn’t please the conservative Republican base that McCain is trying to woo. McCain’s apparent contempt for Mitt Romney would seem to eliminate him, and most of the people who think it might be Huck are the same ones who think he might still beat out McCain for the nomination.

The most intriguing rumor is that McCain will tap Condoleeza Rice to round out the GOP ticket. As Bush’s Secretary of State, she’s got the desired conservative pedigree. Further, Rice would balance the effect of those voters who might be compelled to vote for a candidate based on gender or color of skin rather than content of character.

Rest assured that Hillary Clinton would dub such an act as part of another vast conspiracy, and, similar to past, ignorant rhetoric aimed at Colin Powell, it wouldn’t be past her machine to try to paint Rice as an Uncle Tom, but Rice has proven herself quite able to deftly handle whatever has been thrown at her thus far. Just when it seemed the GOP was about to get boring as it settled around McCain, the excitement has picked up again. Let the rumors fly!