Ah, primary season! The greatest time of year for those of us who dislike both Republicans and Democrats…because no matter who drops out, you feel good about it. The latest to exit stage right is Mitt Romney, and it seems that the only people upset about it are the Limbaughlers who were inculcated into believing Romney is and always has been a staunch conservative.

Mitt, for his part, bowed out graciously, so that his party could rally around John McCain and focus on beating whoever the Democrats serve up to face him. No truth to the rumor that Mitt will throw a $13 million drop-out party to bring his personal losses to a cool $100 million.

It was just (Super) Tuesday that Romney was speaking to supporters congratulating him on his too few victories. Mitt proclaimed that he had one in every state he had lived in: Utah, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Instead, maybe he should have lived in New York, Texas and California.