As a Philadelphia sports fan, I’m quite familiar with the boo. Most Philly residents are born with an innate ability to make this sound, and if any of you are sports fans, you surely know that we are not shy about using the boo to sound our displeasure.

Apparently booing is a conservative trait, as the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) have been asking participants to not boo John McCain during his speech at the event today.

Here’s a scene that allegedly played itself out last night:

During registration last night at the Omni Shoreham a registrant was asking to upgrade his CPAC package and then proceeded to ask what time GOP front-runner John McCain was going to speak today. “Oh good,” he said to the response — answer: 3 p.m. today– “I hope they boo him out of the room.”

“No, no no no no” came the reply from the person registering him. “We’ve been instructed to tell participants not to boo McCain.”

“Are you kidding me?” the shocked CPAC-goer asked.

I cannot confirm the rumor that said CPAC-goer was PD’s Phillip McCracken.