Valentines Day is just over a week away and John McCain had better send Mike Huckabee a dozen roses and a box of chocolates to thank him for all but handing him the nomination. Huckabee’s strong performances in yesterday’s Uber Tuesday crushed any chances that Mitt Romney had at catching the Arizona maverick.

I’m picturing a scene where Ann Coulter is crying and a misty-eyed Rush Limbaugh attempts to console her.

The delegate math for McCain, as shown in this New York Times piece, makes the odds at a late Romney run look pretty long indeed.

The following is a quote from a memo written by a top McCain advisor:

The remaining contests account for roughly 963 delegates. For Mitt Romney to match our delegate count, he would have to win more than 50 percent of those delegates. And, he would have to win nearly every single delegate still available in order to become the nominee. And, many of these contests are proportional, so Mitt will have to win by big margins in many states to garner every last delegate. For example, in this weekend’s Louisiana primary, he would have to win the with more than 50 percent of the vote in order to win (1191 delegates to win, 963+236=1,199).

With Mike Huckabee still a factor in this race, particularly in the South, and many contests moving forward proportional, the math is nearly impossible for Mitt Romney to win the nomination.

Shall we begin the Power Rankings for a McCain running mate?