About 10 years ago, an acquaintance argued that women won suffrage in the 19th century long before the 15th Amendment (1869) granted black men the right to vote.

He was stunned to learn that American women began to vote in 1920 when the 19th amendment was passed. That’s less than a century of female voting rights as we sit in this first decade of the Third Millennium.

Here we are in 2008 with the first viable woman candidate and the first viable black candidate running for president.

The 21st century is supposed to be so advanced, so… future perfect. Does it strike anyone as strangely late to be making such history?

I suppose the 21st century is still a time of firsts, no matter how belated they be.

So here’s another: SA stands for Stephanie Anne. I am PoliticalDerby’s token (and first!) XX-chromosome-carrier.

My Esteemed Editor predicted that revelation would drop a few jaws. I’m not sure if that’s a comment on my muscular writing style or the fact that the glass ceiling is apparently a moveable beast.

Now I can explain why it saddens me so much to see the first viable woman candidate sink into desperate straits as Hillary has of late. It’s disappointing to someone who lived through the rise (and semi-sorta-quasi-kinda fall) of feminism to see Hill implode like that. I wanted to vote for her. Not just because she is a woman but because she is (or so I thought) closer to the people who are suffering so under the current administration.

Boy, was I wrong!

Were you wrong, too? Did you assume that I was one of, to quote the EE, “a bunch of slobby men?” You know what they say about assume, doncha?

FYI, I’ve used “SA” as my byline for several decades. It has been fun to laugh in my abbreviation closet at PD. So have at it and remember I AM A LADY!

NB: Hillary seemed to redeem herself at last night’s debate. More on that later…