Fans of corrupt, divisive, and dishonest (i.e. typical) politicians may want to look away come November. The 2008 race has a chance to be an historic contest between a Democrat and Republican that, amazingly, are not loathed by Republicans and Democrats, respectively. It is not a certainty, of course (though it may be, come next Tuesday), but pitting John McCain against Barack Obama would appear to be a mighty fine choice amongst those average voters fed up with politics as usual.

Now that McCain has won Florida, he is the clear Republican frontrunner, and Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement will only help. Mitt Romney could still win, but his flip-flopping makes his ultra-conservative platform troublesome for both parties, and a Mike Huckabee nomination may only serve to divide the righteous from the wicked. On the other side of the aisle, no one is more divisive (read disliked) than Hillary Clinton; you may recall that she easily topped the list of candidates that voters would never consider voting for, with an astounding 48%. Obama has the momentum, the early lead in votes, and the cash, having raked in $32m in January.

A Hillary/Huckabee battle would no doubt send voters fleeing to Canada and Mexico, but a McCain-Obama match-up would offer a choice between two respected, admired, and uncynical individuals – and that would make for a rare, if not extinct, ballot.