Nothing going on up here.John Edwards wants to be a player in Democratic politics, but there’s a problem with that – the voters don’t like him. Part of being elected to something is getting people to support you…That is not John Edwards’ strong suit. What exactly his strong suit is remains to be seen, which is why he’s relegated to also-ran status in this year’s primaries.

But the truth won’t stand in John’s way, at least not as long at there are federal matching funds available to him, so he presses on.

Now this story in The Hill about how Edwards seems to be positioning himself as player in a brokered convention, if all goes according to his plan. Since Edwards isn’t know for formulating and executing a successful plan, we don’t put much stock in this, but it would be interesting to see.

A Democratic nominee beholden to John Edwards would almost be worse than the Democratic Party we have now beholden to, er, In other words, we hope like hell that this works out!