Alright. First I have to admit that I’m a terrible blogger. I don’t keep up with my posts when I’m out of town – and I’m out of town a lot. It’s hard to write blog posts on a blackberry. I’m surprised that you all let me stay around here but I suppose that it’s prestigious to have someone who got beaten by a Kennedy on your blog roll… really it is.

I’m so behind the curve that I have to comment on something that happened weeks ago: the disappearance of one Congressman Duncan Hunter from the list of contenders. Yes, Duncan Hunter was in the race… Well, sort of… I guess. Of course, I believe in ghosts and terrorists and other things that liberals tell me don’t exist, too.

So I believe in Duncan Hunter.

I more than believed in him, in fact. I took a number of those tests that you can find online. You answer questions about your policy beliefs and it spits out the name of the contender that you have a symbiosis with; your political soul mate, if you will. It’s sorta like e-harmony for registered voters. I don’t want to pimp one over the others but you can search for them – probably in your in-box, because all of your friends have, no doubt, emailed them to you, at some point.

Well, they all paired me with my new sweetie: Congressman Duncan Hunter. I’ve met DH and had a conversation with him and, though I like him, I don’t “like him – like him” and we won’t be going to the prom (or wherever you go after e-harmony matches you). I disagree with him on trade issues, which never get factored in to those quizzes, but that’s not why I didn’t support him. If e-politics says that we’re the perfect match, why aren’t we still together? Why did I ignore his “wink” and his “nudge” and all of the other inane metaphors that I can make up for this dating site analogy?

The talk has been about why the Reagan conservatives can’t choose but I am a Reagan conservative and, if those tests work, then why didn’t we find our guy in Hunter? Is it because the media downplayed the guy from day one? I mean, what gets a guy like Huckabee into the first-tier and leaves the Gentleman from California trapped in an elevator in the sub sub-basement? He was not a bad candidate and had the policies to attract defense conservatives, economic conservatives, and social conservatives because, in the end, no one really votes based on trade policies (yawn). Yet here we are; effectively down to two on each side and Hunter is bouncing the grandkids on his knee while his son (also Duncan Hunter) runs for his Congressional seat.

I can’t be the only one who matched with candidates who are back in the barn. Why is it that we scream about ideas and ideology and we lend lip service to “taking control of our government” but we always choose “clean and articulate” over “man of substance”? Why do we let the media and the money choose the acceptable and get left with a decision between the lesser of two evils?

There’s always next cycle, I suppose. In 2012 I want a candidate who I can relate to. Memo to those thinking about the run:

Single White Registered Voter (SWRV) seeks Principled Reagan Conservative Candidate (PRCC) for long in-depth policy discussions and a better America. I like free markets, and the rights of the individual. You be good on taxes, babies, and guns. Together we can make beautiful small government.