Don’t cry for Floooorida, the truth I shouldn’t be here.Senator Clinton must have been really shaken up by having her ass handed to her in South Carolina Saturday because she’s going to spend time campaigning in Florida where the Democratic primary matters as much as straw poll of you and your friends at the bar as far as delegates go. So why would Senator Clinton waste time and money in a state where it won’t matter? Because she needs some sort of victory to help her recover from South Carolina.

A “victory” in Florida will be spun by her campaign the same way they attempted to spin her “victory” in Michigan, as something she earned by winning the trust of the voters. What her press releases and speeches mentioning her winning Michigan won’t mention is she was the only major candidate on the ballot and barely edged out uncommitted in vote totals. And she caught some flack for it, too.

Think we’re being a little hard on poor Hillary? Here’s what the Associated Press says;

Like her rivals, Clinton has agreed to a pledge imposed by national party leaders not to publicly campaign in the state. But after South Carolina, Clinton was skating up against the edge of that agreement and trying to lend some credibility to the outcome Tuesday.

Watch for her to start adding Florida to the list of primaries she’s “won.” In fact, don’t be surprised to see a speech by her Tuesday night claiming victory. How they cover this “win” will be a test of just how in the bag the mainstream media is for the Clintons and the intelligence of the American people. We have more faith in one than the other.