Liz Cheney to back Romney
Posted: 10:40 AM ET

(CNN) — Liz Cheney, Vice President Cheney’s daughter, plans to endorse Mitt Romney for president, three Republican sources familiar with the discussions tell CNN.

One of the sources says she will also serve as a senior adviser on foreign policy.

Cheney was formerly an adviser to Fred Thompson, who ended his presidential bid last week.

An interesting endorsement that begs a debate. Which candidate do you think the Bush and Cheney clans are privately pulling for? Bush has never been a big fan of J-Mac, and the feeling is mutual. There’s not much history with Romney, though he’s been rather critical of the administration’s strategy in Iraq. Huckabee is actually not far from Bush on the ideological scale; Huck espouses his own brand of compassionate conservatism. But you can bet Cheney isn’t a fan.

So if you could get Bush and Cheney in a candid, late-night pool hall discussion, whom would they admit to rooting for?