Yes, he can!

Eloquent, relevant and downright brilliant, Barack Obama’s South Carolina victory speech may carry him to the nomination.

“The mother who can’t get Medicaid to cover all the needs of her sick child,” he said, “the teacher who works another shift at Dunkin’ Donuts after school just to make ends meet…”

Were his “common people” allusions a hint that Johnny E may be a VP candidate? Never count him out.

Obama’s vice presidential choice is crucial. I fear deeply for his safety. Some are saying that his being in the race has wiped out racism. But don’t underestimate the ignorance of some Americans. There are pockets of this country where folks live in the 19th century, or at best, the 1950s.

Remember when Bill Clinton spoke of building bridges? Well, Obama is actually building them. Conservatives are considering him, which bodes well for the general election. He has a real crossover appeal and a charisma that is reminiscent of Kennedy and Reagan.

Get ready for history, everybody.

On another front, I bow to the betting victory of my Esteemed Editor, the eminent author of The Christmas Jar, Mr. Jason Wright. This time he was (w)right. Boy, was he (w)right!

So next week, I shall reveal what SA represents.

Drum roll, please.