While we all sit around waiting to see how big Obama’s margin is in SC tonight, I thought I’d share an interesting email I received today from a Derby regular. (Someone you’d all know from his/her comments.) Is this movement to Romney the beginning of a trend?

A very funny thing happened to me on the way through the political season. Yesterday, I backed into Romney’s lot, found a parking place and turned the motor off.

I had been quietly idling in the McCain Lane, not really going anywhere, out of gear and not thrilled at the trip, but then the New York Times endorsed Big Mac and I had to change lanes. I carefully maneuvered around the Huckabus as it had too many illegals and former inmates hanging around… Ron Paul’s caravan was celebrating Christmas, I think, at least there were a lot of fruitcakes there. The only exit was the Romney lot, “moderate parking for conservatives”. I still do not believe that there could be a conservative governor of Massachusetts, but at least he does not appear to be friends with Ted Kennedy.

So, after all, here I am. I will admit, it is sort of like parking at a porn shop; I am around back hoping nobody sees me here, but at least I finally parked.