Here’s how it’s going to go down (literally) tomorrow in South Carolina for Hillary. Fifteen to 20 points.

That’s going to be her total percentage, not her drop.
Her campaign aides have confided to reporters that they expect a double-digit loss.

The brouhaha with Obama Sunday night along with Bill’s garrulous state lately boosted Johnny the E more than anything he could have done himself. (See, Mr. Big Time Book Writer/Editor, Sir, I told you not to scratch the Earnest One yet.)

His message carries through the sigh-filled air of the ’Oughts, when folks are losing homes left and right (pun intended), grocery item prices jump not 25 or 50 cents but one or two dollars a week, when oil is close to if not topping out at $100 a barrel.

It’s the economy, stupid.

But Georgie S is at ABC now and not around to tell that to Hill, and Bill’s only talking about Obama. Bad move.

People are more hesitant to vote for the first woman president than they are for the first black president. I’ve heard that more than once from both sexes and all ages and affiliations.

What’s worse for Hillary is the baggage she packs (on top of the glass she has in her hair, oy!).
That baggage is monogrammed WJC. Sub-stamped, the guy with MDDS (Manifest Destiny Delusion Syndrome).

Here’s the rub: Last week, everyone asked if she could criticize Obama, then asked if he could criticize her (the whole woman/black PC dynamic).

I’ve got no gripe with anyone criticizing a woman – as long as it is not for being a woman. Same with Obama – you can call him on his voting record. Just don’t call him on being a black man. Ad hominem attacks are verboten (gee I’m multilingual!).

If Hillary snags the nomination, the Republicans will be making mud by the barrel. But Obama is Teflon so far. (RRing a bell?) You can throw meaningful mud (I mean, come on 100 “present” votes? Cop out doesn’t even begin to cover it) at him, but it isn’t sticking.
The GOOP (Grand Ol’ Obsolete Party) will have a harder time with him as a candidate.

Then there’s Johnny Earnest. Who would make a fine General E candi.

But Obama has the big Mo’ (and the big O) going for him. Look for him to do 44% tomorrow; Edwards 37%; Clintons 19%. You heard it here first.