First of all, this was a much more civil and clean affair than the recent Democratic debate.

Secondly, I think this was by far Mitt Romney’s best performance, mainly because he didn’t get testy. When Romney gets pissy, he gets uncomfortable to watch, and it didn’t happen tonight, which was huge for him. He was by far the star when it came to economic issues, which harkens to his reinvention as an economic candidate.

I also think John McCain performed well and his message will do well with the veterans especially, Huckabee had some great lines, and Ron Paul earns my respect more and more each event, though he still can be out there on some issues at times.

I think Giuliani is toast, he wasn’t terrible, but he didn’t blow the doors off, which he needed to do to regain some momentum.

Overall, the ‘Pubs were far more civil then the Democrats, and if I had to pick a winner tonight it would be Mitt Romney.

Increasingly, this is becoming a fight between McCain and Romney, and I have to say this was the first time I was impressed and not annoyed by Romney.