Welcome to the latest edition of PoliticalDerby.com’s 2008 Power Rankings, the original tracking service in the current race for the White House. The rankings are updated as circumstances warrant and are compiled by our Editor and contributors using wire reports, polls, campaign staffer scuttlebutt and confidential tips.

The GOP Horse Tip Sheet
Rankings last updated: January 22, 2008
Power Ranking The Horse Mug Shot Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 John McCain McCain Up McCain avenged his blood-soaked loss in South Carolina in 2000 and is trying to seize the mantle of front runner in a GOP race that has more personalities than the hypothetical offspring of Rosanne Barr and Rosie O’Donnell. Mac needs to win in Florida, the first closed primary of the season for the ‘Pubs, if he wants to legitimize his ability to win the nomination.
2 Mitt Romney Romney Up Mitt has reinvented his campaign faster than he was able to reinvent his stands on social issues. Going away from the “conservative” candidate to trumpet himself as the “business” candidate served him well in victories in Michigan and Nevada, both of which are struggling economically. Mitt has more delegates than any other GOPer, but his wins thus far aren’t nearly as sexy as NH, IA and SC. A win in Florida? Now that would be sexilicious, and it would make Romney the undisputed front runner.
3 Mike Huckabee Huckabee Down Huck gets credit for running a strong campaign with the loose change he’s scraped from the couches of the Holiday Inn Expresses he frequents as he canvasses for the evangelical vote. But he has yet to prove his ability to win anything beyond his base, and statements about amending the Constitution “so it’s in God’s standards” probably won’t help much. He’s fading fast in Florida. Where can he win again?
4 Ron Paul Paul Up Ron Paul finished second in Nevada. Yippee? He was the only candidate besides Romney to run ads and barely squeezed past McCain to take second. But a silver is a silver, and Paul continues to have a pretty good budget to work with, though it’s unclear where he’s spending it. If the GOP race stays undecided, and Paul somehow, some way fails to pull off winning the nomination, could he have potential to put someone over the top? Or would he even consider endorsing someone he’s so ideologically opposed to?
5 Rudy Giuliani Giuliani Down Despite doing everything in Florida but don Mickey Mouse ears and ride on a float to the Epcot Center, Rudy is on the verge of a historical achievement – the worst-run campaign for president in the history of ever. Google “worst Presidential campaigns” and you’ll get John Connelly and Phil Gramm. But Giuliani’s could end up worse then both of theirs. Combined. Times ten. Plus infinity. Plus one.
10 Fred Thompson Fred Thompson Down Congratulations Fred, you finished third in your must-win state, and it was your best showing thus far. Unlike most failed campaigns where blame is spread evenly around the horse, staff, consultants, and media advisors, this one is all Fred. This campaign goes down as the biggest bust out of Tennessee since Dolly Parton.

(Thanks, Fred, for dropping out an hour after our new rankings debuted. Didn’t you get my voicemail?)

The DEM Horse Tip Sheet
Rankings last updated: January 22, 2008
Power Ranking The Horse Momentum The Tip Sheet
Hillary Clinton Clinton Down The Clinton spinning machine is on double-cycle now, lowering expectations in Nevada to then boast about a major victory where just a month earlier she had a 20-point lead. The question remains, can the Hill/Bill Good Cop/Bad Cop routine continue to lure Barack into Thunderdome, where their Master Blaster routine works so well for them?
Barack Obama Obama Down Ever since his impressive victory in Iowa, Obama has endured a campaign against not one, but two Clintons. Team Billary has succeeded in baiting Obama into the mud pit more and more in the last couple of weeks, right where they are comfortable. But with the Iowa glow long faded into the hangover of a campaign battle, Obama needs a strong win in South Carolina for a boost heading into Tsunami Tuesday.
10 John Edwards Edwards Down Poor Edwards. This guy never stopped running after losing out to Emily Kachowski for third grade class president, and he still can’t get it right.He’s trying to stay above the fray and look like the populist candidate, but when you are barely polling double digits in your birth state against a New York carpetbagger and a freshman senator from the Midwest, it’s time for democrats to say, “Good night, John Boy.”
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