I will give Mitt Romney credit where credit is due. He has started a craze of using Olympic medals as a metaphor for where he’s placed in the primaries and caucuses so far.

It’s everywhere – CNN, MSNBC, Fox – all of the major news outlets have caught on to the fad and are using it generously during their coverage.

Of course we here at PD would have preferred some good old horse racing terminology, like win, place, and show, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Besides, long before Mittens claimed he’d struck silver in both Iowa and New Hampshire, I was running our “Olympic” poll right here at Politicalderby. I wonder if Mitt is a reader?

So with that in mind, I’m going to be running the PD Olympics, where I pick a part of campaign and designate it as an event and you, our loyal and lovely readers, will vote on who you feel should win the “gold”, “silver” and, “bronze” in each of these events.

The best part about this contest is I won’t be separating the field into Democrats and Republicans, I want all of the candidates to be judged in each event.

The first event will be held today and tomorrow, with voting lasting roughly 24 hours. Please post your gold, silver and bronze choices from either party.

And so for the first event – Fund raising.