And this is not an endorsement by me, not by any means. But the Republicans have always likes getting their ducks in a row as early as possible. The last time a GOP nomination has been in doubt this late was the Reagan/Ford battle that lasted until the convention in 1976.

Republicans like to come to a decision quickly, and right now the person with the momentum and the candidate with what appears to be the best chance in the general election is John McCain.

Trust me, this guy has his warts.

He’s far from the darling of the conservatives.
He would be the oldest President ever to take the oath of office if he were to be elected.
He’s got this temper thing that people fear.

But he also appeals to moderates, which frankly right now the Republicans need to have a shot at holding on to the White House.

Don’t get me wrong, I know a ton of people more conservative then I am, and not a lot of them are in love with Mac. But I know one lifelong GOPer who does. My father is a Vietnam vet with a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. He came from a lower class family to put himself and my family very firmly into the upper middle class.

He is a Reagan Republican, through and through.

After a long talk about all the candidates, he started and finished a McCain guy, mostly because he’s a Nam vet, but partially because McCain reminds him of Reagan. I’m not sure why, but my father just said he does.

Republicans don’t like protracted, nasty fights for the nomination. McCain has seized control.

My prediction is that John McCain, with all his warts, will be the Republican nominee for the 2008 Presidential election.