President Mike Huckabee will have the nation longing for the comparatively atheistic Bush administration. This week, Huck incurred the wrath of God’s American children when he suggested that the Constitution be revamped to be more God-friendly. Well, more friendly to his God anyway; Huck doesn’t sip the same “Jesus juice” as everyone. Even Huckleberries seemed shocked that the winner of the Iowa caucuses would be so quick to dismiss the separation of church and state as “so last millennium.” (Note: Not an actual Huckabee quote.)

Just when you thought he couldn’t swim any further from mainstream, Huck could be see this morning on MSNBC declaring that abortion should be made illegal throughout the country. Not surprising, considering his ideology, but Huckabee likened his quest to the vanquishing of slavery, effectively calling for another Civil War to eradicate the right of each woman to govern her own body. A Huckabee administration is sounding more and more like The Handmaid’s Tale.