An interesting thing happened in Wal-Mart today. Not only did I have to watch out for falling prices and stop my children from sneaking stuff into my cart, but I ran into a good friend from church. How long did it take for politics to come up? 2.36 seconds.

The topic? Which candidates would my friend not vote for under any circumstances. It was a fascinating discussion that forced us to evaluate the balance between good, better and best. But most importantly, at what point is a candidate so wrong, so removed from your ideology or sense of morality, that you simply can’t pull the lever for them — even if they share your favorite letter. (R or D)

Are you a republican who couldn’t vote for Rudy if he were the nominee? Are you a democrat who’d rather stay home than support Hillary in the general?

Time to tell us which way you lean (R, D, Indy) and which candidates would you not vote for and why.