With another round of contests in Nevada and South Carolina this weekend, the Derby brain trust (oxymoron alert) has decided to release our first ever Quickie Rankings. Full rankings will come following this weekend’s crucial results.


1. Obama: Yes Hillary “won” Michigan, but Obama was smart enough to keep his name off the ballot. Leads in SC by 10 points in the averages.

2. Hillary: Which advisor thought it was a good idea to set yourself up like that? 45% put their coats on, found their polling place, and essentially voted for someone else by choosing either Uncommitted (hmmm, wonder who they meant?) Gravel or Captain Crazy Pants.

3. Edwards: Wake us when you fail to embarrass yourself somewhere. Anywhere.


1. Romney: After Michigan his advisors are baffled that he’s not referred to as the front runner. As he likes to say, “two golds, two silvers,” plus leads in delegate and raw vote count. Michigan saved his political career–at least for now.

2. McCain: Independents didn’t show for McCain in Michigan as they did in 2000, despite the fact that the GOP race was the only show in town and McCain ran very hard there. Looking strong in SC, leading in averages, will that change as new polls hit between now and Saturday?

3. Huckabee: There was a stunning and troubling result in Michigan for Camp Huck. Evangelicals supported Romney over Huckabee 34%-29%. And don’t buy the name ID argument, Huckabee won Iowa and millions in free advertising. Needs SC more than anyone but Fred.

4. Thompson: Currently fourth in the state (SC) he must win to continue. Or would a strong second buy him time?

5. Giuliani: Florida.

6. Paul: Still waiting for that online fervent firestorm of support to manifest itself in the real world.