Yesterday, a Las Vegas judge ordered MSNBC to put Dennis Kucinich on tonight’s Democratic debate slate or he would issue an injunction to cancel the whole shebang. The cable news network is appealing even as I write, so Dennis could be out in the cold (well, not too cold in Las Vegas, I suppose) again.

Until the convention taps its official candidate, all should be invited. I haven’t read the judge’s ruling, but I bet it includes the phrase “marketplace of ideas.”

Presidential debates are the ultra-marketplaces of ideas. Anyone who has cleared the bureaucratic hurdles on the way to the race should be embraced. If he/she plunked down the cash fee, he/she should be on the dais.

As of 5:28 pm, MSNBC is still billing it as a battle among Clinton, Obama and Edwards. I’ll update as soon as the ruling is issued.