Watch Jason discuss the new rankings (revealed exclusively on FoxNews) and his unfortunate flashback to his high school years.

And if you’re a real junkie, click here to catch his last appearance from Jan 5th where he used the words “back rub” and “John Edwards” in the same sentence.


  • Russ

    Jason –
    Great segment! When are you going to post the rankings to the site? Although they may or may not change after today I guess.

  • Lazlo

    “I’m not sure how I feel about you commenting on my skin color and shine”


    Look at the hosts’ skin color and shine (beautiful) then John Edwards at 1:40. Whoa! Edwards usually has a great ‘TV face’, but not at 1:40.

    I don’t know if you used a bronzer or anything to add color, but you had more than enough to not distract the audience…without the glasses, you’d be in the ‘pretty boy’ ballpark.

    Also, you had a nice shine (as opposed to a sweaty glare) on the pointy parts of your face (brow, cheek bones, chin). This shine contrasts well with the other parts of his face creates depth.

    Obviously, this (TV and graphics, not Jason) is an interest of mine. Anyway, I over-tangentize sometimes.

    In all, it was a very pleasant segment.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    RedstateEddio: That, my friend, was my Annual Holiday Beard. Full explanation here:

    Lazlo: Nice critique, except that I’ve never owned the transition glasses you speak of. For some reason it was bad lighting this morning. I noticed the dark lenses as well. But take my word for it, the glasses are run-of-the-mill cheapos.

    And frankly, I’m not sure how I feel about you commenting on my skin color and shine :)

  • Lazlo

    Great segment: fun, informative, good rapport with hosts, speedy and articulate exchange…the key? Jason’s good energy.

    The jacket: gray/silver indicates intelligence which is good for a techi-segment.

    The tie: has punch which is good for the funness of a ‘horserace’ analogy/site. However, the tie didn’t work too well with the gray suit/white shirt combo. Try to stay with cooler colors…including the shirt.

    The glasses: remember the kid who thought having glasses change when going from indoors to outdoors was cool…but it ain’t. Jason is wearing a pair in this clip. Humans focus on the eyes/nose triangle and you can’t do that with those glasses. Glasses can make you look intelligent, but Jason’s suit color, articulation, and head shape all ‘sell’ Jason’s intelligence. Lose the glasses…or at least get clear ones.

    Skin color/shine: fine and dandy.

    In all, a great segment.

    Sorry to be the fashion police…indeed, Jason looked fine, but with fashion there is always room for improvement. And yes, I acknowledge that it is far easier to critique an outfit than make one. The best thing I ever did fashion-wise was go to a geniune upscale men’s store (not Macy’s men’s department) and pay a pro to dress me up like a Ken doll.

  • RedstateEddio

    What happened to “Grizzly” Wright, the affable bearded writer of bestsellers recently interviewed by Meredith Viera on the Today Show? Must have been a bad batch of “Just for Men”.