Which is which?Which is Which?

We’ve pointed out in the past that Markos Moulistas, Duckie as we like to call him, isn’t as sharp as what he gets credit for. This is another example where he fails to really “get it”.

Kos is encouraging Michigan Dems to “have some fun” with the GOP primary in that state, by participating in the open primary and voting for Mitt Romney.

Moulistas’s logic? That by keeping Romney, who he seems to view as unelectable, in the race, Dems could help keep the GOP field fragmented, forcing candidates to exhaust resources and damage one another’s reputations.

He raises the example of the state’s Democrat voters crossing over to vote for McCain in 2000 as one where Democrats were able to ‘meddle’ in GOP affairs. What he doesn’t mention, though, is that these voters crossed over for McCain largely because they liked him. Some may choose to do so again.

The most important facts that Moulistas ignores, however, are that 1) there will be no shortage of resources on the GOP side once a clear nominee emerges, and 2) having already withstood the full barrage of a close intra-party race will mean that all the bones have been dug up, and any chinks in that candidate’s armor will be old news come crunch time. If, as seems likely, the Democrat nominee is made clear earlier than his/her GOP counterpart, Republican forces will have been using that time to dig up damaging information and will be set to launch a formidable attack at the time of their choosing.

He’s right that Republicans have done the same sort of thing in the past with Michigan’s Democratic primaries; voters of both parties have been crossing over for similar reasons for years. Whether it’s wrong or right is up to the individual voter to decide; that’s not the point we’re making.

The point is just that our buddy Kos just doesn’t think more than one move ahead on the chessboard. His talents don’t seem to extend to enlightened political thought or strategy. It’s hard to have a ‘gotcha’ moment when writing about his antics, as he’s rather amorphous — not a complete idiot and certainly not a genius by any measure; more of an underdeveloped reactionary, a simple peddler of an extremist agenda. The ‘gotcha’ is directed at those who seem to worship the man, regarding him as some sort of sage or hero.

Anyone who thinks Markos Moulistas is more than a glorified website operator should watch his interview with the very reasonable Charlie Rose and ask themselves if his ignorance of nuts-and-bolts facts about politics, history and philosophy is even slightly defensible.