David Gregory (on the Tim Russert show Sunday) said, “At the end of the day, Obama is going to make you feel something.”

Pondered that and though it is a bit hackneyed to say this, Obama makes me feel hope, not easy to inspire in this cynic. Also a little bit of fear for his safety.

Hillary: Nausea and the realization that if she snags the nom, I’ll have to hold my nose while voting.

Johnny the Earnest: A tingle in my tendrils. Seriously, Edwards espouses some things I want – focus on poverty, an end to the Iraq war, universal health care and more protection from corporate lobbyists. But in the end, realizing that he just can’t win the White House without being VP first, he makes me feel disappointed.

Bill Richardson: Makes me feel sorry for Martin Sheen.

Huckaboom: As if I’ve been transported into the painting “American Gothic.”

Mittens: Makes me feel like I believe in alien walk-ins. I also smell plastic burning when he speaks.

Johnny Mac: Like I’m watching a cat on its eighth life.

Rudy the Gee: Giggly all over — I want to put on a pretty frock and parade down 5th Avenue – to Ground Zero.

Freddy T: Like I’m watching a bad “Law and Order” rerun. Not sure who’s more bored – him or me.

Ron Paul: Kind of like Lou Grant when he told spunky Mary Richards that he “hates spunk!”