Everyone’s current favorite state to ignore is having its caucuses tomorrow. By moving the date to January 5th, Wyoming Republicans dared to challenge the divine rights of Iowa and New Hampshire, and in doing so lost half their delegates to the Republican National Convention. Most candidates haven’t spent much time in the nation’s least populated state, and some haven’t even bothered to show up – an understandable strategy given the state’s limited (and now halved) voting power.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul seem to be the only candidates who have much of a presence in the “Equality State” (so dubbed as it was the first to grant women the right to vote), and an online Jackson Hole paper’s extremely unscientific poll evinces the impact of those two candidates. Can John McCain pull out a surprise win? Could Romney possibly lose a one-on-one showdown against Paul? Conceivably, but what is more likely is that most everyone will continue to ignore the lonely goings-on in Wyoming.