No doubt Clinton haters found it Hillary-ous that she of 35 years of “experience” was beaten down by Obama and Edwards. Hill and Bill looked physically, psychologically and emotionally drained last night, and her New Hampshire speech this morning did not help, especially compared to Obama’s Iowa speech, which even came through impressively in subtitles. The Clinton machine will continue to spin this, and Hillary will fight, but she was resoundingly beaten, and, given the demographics, she’s hoping to get through all the primaries ASAP before her entire support base dies or moves to Florida.

On a fun note, Chris Dodd’s resounding support(er) and solitary vote in the Caucuses was a laugh generator every time it flashed on screen. No truth to the rumor that Hillary’s mom was caucusing at the time.

Also of note, with Bill Richardson still in it to win it (the VP spot, one supposes), if he could just manage to get the Kucinich/Dodd/Biden crowd over to his side, he would stand a good chance of cracking that elusive 3% mark.