Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Mike Huckabee graced Jay Leno’s return to TV last night. He picked up an electric guitar and played a blues number with Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks.

All I could think of was another Arkansas governor who blew his sax on the Arsenio Hall Show, wailing his way into the White House.

From what I saw (and I have to confess I was switching back and forth to David Letterman – I missed Hillary’s cameo), Huckaboom hit a home run.

Millions of people tuned in last night for the first new Leno show since the writers’ strike. Huckaboom couldn’t have bought that kind of national exposure even if his campaign coffers held all Michael Bloomberg’s money!

He came across as a man with a fierce sense of humor – even about himself. He was folksy, down-to-earth and broke up Leno several times.

If you think it was a mistake for him to leave Iowa, look at the long run. Most of the people who saw Huckaboom last night will not be caucusing in Iowa today. But they may very well be voting in November.
With a win today, he’s off to a flying start.

If you’re a Democrat, be afraid. Be very afraid.