As a political junkie, I’m happier than a pig in you-know-what right now with all that is unfolding before the caucus on Thursday, and it seems like every time I refresh my web browser, another shoe has dropped.

At this rate, Imelda Marcos’ collection may be in danger.

Just today, two quirky, if somewhat significant figures in politics have made some decisions that could very easily play a role in the Democratic race in Iowa.

First, the man many Democrats blame for eight years of George W. Bush, one Ralph Nader, has thrown his weight (all 150 pounds of it) behind John Edwards, while blasting Hillary Clinton as “being soft on defense spending and a chum of big business”.

And then comes another lightweight, Dennis Kucinich (he’s 5’7” and a vegan – who has ever seen a heavy vegan?), who has apparently instructed his Iowa supporters to caucus for Barack Obama should his candidacy shockingly not reach the 15% viability threshold.

All that remains is for Mike Gravel to pledge his three Iowa supporters and that rock he threw into the pond behind Hillary Clinton, and we would have a hat trick for the ages.