Ron Paul completed the 4th quarter having received a whooping $19.5 million in campaign donations. After doubling his 2nd quarter fundraising dollars in the 3rd quarter ($5.3m), the upstart Congressman nearly quadrupled those 3rd quarter numbers to end the year. Surely such a surge of support would warrant media exposure and coverage on par with the likes of Fred Thompson, John McCain, or even the big three, but, apparently, not according to Fox News, who doesn’t think Paul even deserves a seat at the table.

The New Hampshire GOP is sponsoring a forum to be aired on the Fox News Channel just two days before the nation’s first primary. Differing from a debate, the forum will feature candidates seated at a table and answering questions from Chris Wallace. Giuliani, Thompson, McCain, Romney, and Huckabee are scheduled to appear, but Paul is not, as he was not offered an invitation. Uber-active Neo-Paul-itans are outraged and have flooded the NH Republican Party and Fox News (and even Fox affiliates) with demands for inclusion. In response, Fergus Cullen, the NH GOP chairman, issued a press release urging Fox News to include Paul, but the notoriously “Fair and Balanced” network has yet to grant him an invitation.