There’s an interesting article in the latest issue of the American Political Science Association’s journal, “PS.” The article shows that Obama would have been elected president in 2008 even if he hadn’t brought one new voter to the polls.

If Obama had received the exact same vote (in the same states) as John Kerry received in 2004 and, obviously, McCain receives his same 2008 vote, Obama still wins.

Obama would lose the popular vote, but win the Electoral College by winning Ohio, Iowa, and New Mexico (every other state would stay the same). In other words, it was 2004 Bush voters, either by voting for Obama or staying home, that won the election for Obama. (Of course, all the new voters he brought in were icing on the cake.)

Not much to be happy about here:

It’s been a long time coming but the uncounted ballots cast by delegates at last year’s Republican state convention in Reno were finally counted on Oct. 30. The ballots had been locked in a safe at the site of the convention.

The reason? If the powers that be in the Nevada GOP didn’t shut down the vote the three delegates (which received far more votes then anyone else) going to the national convention would have been Ron Paul supporters.

Pat Kerby – Pahrump would have announced the vote and while the National GOP told the delegates that they had to vote for McCain Kerby said, “I wouldn’t have done it,” who planned to say, in part: “The great state of Nevada casts all of its 34 votes for the Thomas Jefferson of our time and a president we can be proud of for a change, Dr. Ron Paul.”

It makes me wonder which other states might have been close to voting for Ron Paul if it wasn’t for these tricks.
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Historically party chairman don’t pick sides in nomination battles, but it sure seems like Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele is planting Huckabee-style seeds of doubt about a Romney Redux in 2012.

In case you missed it, here’s what Steele said over the weekend on Bill Bennett’s radio show:

Yeah, but let me ask you. Ok, Jay, I’m there with you. But remember, it was the base that rejected Mitt because of his switch on pro-life, from pro-choice to pro-life. It was the base that rejected Mitt because it had issues with Mormonism. It was the base that rejected Mitch, Mitt, because they thought he was back and forth and waffling on those very economic issues you’re talking about. So, I mean, I hear what you’re saying, but before we even got to a primary vote, the base had made very clear they had issues with Mitt because if they didn’t, he would have defeated John McCain in those primaries in which he lost.

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Report: Edwards Staff Planned to ‘Blow Up’ Campaign Over Affair

Members of former Sen. John Edwards’ presidential campaign reportedly devised a “doomsday” strategy over his affair with Rielle Hunter in which they would destroy his bid for office.

Several unnamed former campaign officials said they had prepared a plan in which they would sabotage Edwards’ campaign if it appeared he would secure the Democratic nomination, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos reported on Sunday.

“They were Democrats first, and if it looked like Edwards was going to become the nominee, they were going to bring down the campaign — they were going to blow it up,” Stephanopoulos said.

Side note: PD used to have a small army of Edwards’ loyalists. Where oh where have they gone?


Is this a statement of racism?

Or is this a statement of competence and intelligence?

I remember years ago a car commercial with a mechanic assuring someone he had his “best people” working on their car – with the next scene showing 3 monkeys beating the engine with baseball bats. I also remember a commercial where an investment company was discerning the best strategy for the market: cut to a scene with monkeys throwing darts at a paper tacked to a dartboard. Quite funny…

So why is this cartoon from the NY Post out of line?

Will all monkey, chimpanzee, orangutan, and ape references be taboo for the next 4 years?

Will the color black be outlawed until 2012 as well?

Maybe Eric Holder was right. Maybe we are a nation of cowards when it comes to racism.

Your thoughts…

Less than a week from Obama’s inauguration and we have yet another scandal in the soon-to-be Obama Administration, this would make three for those of you who are counting. Yes, yes, I know… you liberals out there are going to say that none of his people were convicted, but let’s recap anyway.

First, we have the auctioning of Obama’s Senate Seat. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rahm Emanuel was captured on, count them, twenty-one different phone conversations by the feds discussing the future of Obama’s seat with Blago and his staff. Hmmm… smells a little fishy.

Second, we have Bill Richardson and his campaign finance debacle. Richardson is facing a federal grand jury investigation into whether he exchanged government contracts for contributions to his three political committees. At least Richardson withdrew his nomination…. sorry New Mexico, you’re stuck with him for the time being. I guess he spent the last year sucking up to Hillary and Obama for nothing.
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When I saw the meeting of the POTUSes yesterday it started me thinking. I realized this is why we conservatives glorify Ronald Reagan. None of these guys are conservatives. Some of them have elements of conservatism, but none of them are actual conservatives. Read more

So they say having a baby changes everything. It sure does. Especially one’s ability to keep up with the sordid events of the political world. I might be a bit behind the times but I am catching up, slowly, one diaper change at a time. Oh, and Happy New Year to you all too.

Two recent controversies sparked my interest as we near the inauguration of Mr. Obama, forgive me if they are a bit old and not nearly as dramatic as what is coming out of other corners of the nation, but they’ve been nagging at me – thank you for your indulgence.

First, was the invitation given to Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback Church, to give the invocation at the inaugural festivities. Apparently this has some gay and lesbian groups in a tizzy. Some feel that by asking Warren to say an opening prayer Obama is abandoning the gay agenda.

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When it helps you politically, of course!

NewsBusters pointed out this ugly contradiction:

According to a tally by The Associated Press, at least 314 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq in 2008, down from 904 in the previous year.

The Chicago Tribune reported [that] Chicago closed out the year with 509 homicides, an increase of about 15 percent over 2007. . .

Obama, of course, has characterized U.S. involvement in Iraq as a “complete failure” and advocates the withdrawal of our military.  If Iraq’s a total failure, how does Obama view what’s taking place in his own hometown?  Should America stop sending millions, possibly billions, of dollars in assistance to what is obviously a losing effort?  It’d be a good question for the mainstream media to pose.

What, the MSM ask Obama a real question?

That really is a lot to ask, isn’t it?

And if you’re wondering where I came from. . . . Read more

As the Obama Cabinet comes together, moderates like myself have liked what they’ve seen, and even conservatives have been pleasantly surprised at the centrist group the Office of the President-Elect has put together thus far.

But the liberals appear restless.

“He has confirmed what our suspicions were by surrounding himself with a centrist to right cabinet. But we do hope that before it’s all over we can get at least one authentic progressive appointment,” said Tim Carpenter, national director of the Progressive Democrats of America.

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This thing could be over real early, or last all night.

During the day, keep an eye out on turnout, especially in the big cities in the east. In Philadelphia, if turnout in areas with a heavy African American population tops 70%, this will be huge for Obama. Kerry won Philadelphia by about 415,000 votes. Obama will look to top 450,000, in order to feel good about Pennsylvania.

At 7:00 pm EST, the first states close their polls. These are Vermont, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Vermont will go Obama, with Kentucky and Georgia going to the McCain column. South Carolina’s polling numbers are close, but I expect McCain to win there without much drama. You can get an early idea of where things stand based on early results from Indiana and Virginia. Virginia looks ripe for Obama to pick, so I would not be stunned to see him win there. If Obama is up or very close in Indiana, this could be a short night for McCain.

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Not a contest, just your feelings on what the results for today’s contest will be.

Give us the winner, the Electoral College total, and the popular vote breakdown by percentage.

Oh, and give me the over/under on how many PDers will flee to Canada if Obama were to win.

One more thing – go vote!

It’s the wee small hours of the morning here in Northern Virginia as I get ready to go and feel my way to the polling place in order to do my civic duty and cast my vote in today’s election.

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1. I apologize for being mostly AWOL recently. Releasing a new hardcover this fall, plus a paperback, and being the author of a seasonal Christmas novella has stressed my schedule and hair line more than I expected. Assuming anyone is still publishing my books in 2012, I think I’ll plead for spring releases.

2. Can you believe Stephen and I began ranking the horses more than two years ago? And now here we sit, hours from polls opening, with the single most unexpected outcome. Not only did most of us doubt Obama could win the nomination, but who thought he’d beat the Rudy, the surefire GOP nominee?

Ah, the good old days, I remember fondly my first appearance on Fox News. Not only did I look like a dope with a goofy mouth and proceed to maul Obama’s name, but Judge Napolitano scoffed at Obama being ranked #2. Wonder how he’s feeling today.

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I have said this before, and I’ll keep saying it as long as it’s true: Barack Obama’s economic understanding is dangerously naïve and borders on the ludicrous.

The latest evidence of this dangerous naïveté is a recently unearthed interview in which the Obamessiah held court with the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle. (Video here – audio download here) In this wide ranging interview, Obama outlines his philosophy on energy – specifically his plans to discourage the building of coal fired electrical plants in the United States.

Before I start quoting the Obamessiah on coal, I’d like to provide you with a few details which you most likely know already. First off, the United States is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We’ve got more coal than we can ever even think of burning, liquefying, or placing in the Christmas stockings of short sighted Democratic members of Congress.
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For most of the 2008 Race for the Oval I’ve been at most “mildly annoyed” with the arrogance of Barack Obama. As a “typical white person” he’s made a lot of assumptions about me. In his view I “cling” to my guns and my religion out of a sense of bitterness. In the view of many of his supporters, I’m a pointy hatted, white robed racist of the highest degree simply because I have no plan to vote for the most inexperienced and unqualified man ever to seek the Presidency.

Now Barry has gone a bridge too far.
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My thoughts are coming soon. For now, does anyone agree?

10 Reasons Why McCain Might Win
John Podhoretz – 10.31.2008 – 12:14 PM

This is why it might happen. Not saying it will.

1) One poll has undecided voters at 14 percent on the last weekend, which means most of them probably really aren’t undecided, that they are either going to stay home or vote preponderantly for McCain and pull McCain across the finish line.

2) Most pollsters are claiming the electorate this year is six to nine points more Democratic than it is Republican. That would be an unprecedented shift from four years ago, when the electorate was evenly divided, 37-37, Republican and Democratic, and a huge shift from two years ago, when it was 37-33 Democratic. A shift of this size didn’t even happen after Watergate.

Click here for the full article.

I thought about writing this post once the primary races were all settled out, but spiked it out of a fear that some overly sensitive, politically correct ninny would be easily offended.

Then, a few days ago, Barack Obama made an unscripted, unTelePromtered reference to the same subject – therefore I’m free to do the same.

So, here are your candidates in the 2008 Race for the Oval – as seen through a 1970’s Sitcom Prism:

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Look closely. Will these nine people remain in their posts for another four years? Eight years? Need a hint? (left to right) Anthony Kennedy is 72. Stephen Breyer is 70. John Paul Stevens is 88. Clarence Thomas is 60. John Roberts is 53. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75. Antonin Scalia is 72. Samuel Alito is 58. David Souter is 69.

I’m told that I care more about the economy than anything else. (I’m always grateful when informed of my opinions and the order in which I prioritize issues.) But I’m sure the appointment of SC Justices is pretty high on my list, too. Four of nine are at least as old as the “one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel” McCain. Our candidates have two different sets of values for nominating justices. Does this matter in the election? I haven’t heard this discussed lately. (Maybe there’s nothing more to say.) Do we care?

Adolph Hitler
Fake Name
Not A. Realperson
Finance Violation
Fraudulent Charge
Over Donation Limit
Daffy Duck
OJ Simpson
Bart Simpson
Family Guy
And…King Kong

Yes, dear reader. Pay no attention to Team Obama’s willful solicitation of illegal campaign contributions. Their excuse for accepting contributions from the above rogue’s gallery is the lack of safeguards on credit card transactions. Never mind the fact Team Obama turned said safeguards off – purposefully. Even the simplest of fraud detection measures might have put a crimp in Obama’s campaign style – and we simply can’t have that. The fate of the free world is at stake. What’s a few hundred million dollars among friends anyway?
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