Here’s a peek at who might be caucusing in Iowa Thursday, from the Des Moines Register:

The answers to two questions could determine the winners of the Iowa caucuses.

For Democrats: Which campaign will attract the most first-time caucusgoers?

For Republicans: Does Mike Huckabee have the organization to support his lead in the polls?

No clear Democratic favorite has emerged, and the Republican race remains fluid, with just four days left until the caucuses kick off the national presidential nominating season.

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have put a majority of their Iowa effort into the time-intensive and potentially risky project of tapping into new caucus participants.

“There’s no question that first-time caucusgoers will turn out this year,” said Dave Barnhart, Clinton’s caucus director. “The question is: Who are those caucusgoers going to be?”

Meanwhile, GOP activists around the state say that while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has a traditional campaign organization, there is little evidence of a statewide Huckabee organization, although the former Arkansas governor also is being helped by networks outside his campaign.

“His organization is fairly invisible to me,” said Ann Trimble Ray, the Republican chairwoman from Sac County ? located in the most conservative section of the state. “They are recruiting from a different pool than we usually find our activists coming from.”