Jonathan Martin is reporting on Politico that Tom Tancredo has scheduled a press conference for today at 2:00 pm in Des Moines, “to make a ‘major announcement regarding the campaign,’ according to a media advisory his campaign sent out…”

A message regarding a “major announcement” is front-and-center on his campaign website.

“Mr. Seal the Borders” has failed to scare anyone with his dangers of illegal immigration message, and lost out on the endorsement of a friend to Fred Thompson this week:

Perhaps most notably, Tancredo’s close friend, Rep. Steve King, passed over his colleague and threw his support behind Fred Thompson this week. King and Tancredo have worked closely on immigration and many in Iowa thought King would not endorse as long as Tancredo was in the race.

Tune in this afternoon to see if we indeed lose another horse.

***UPDATE – As expected, Tom Tancredo ended his bid for the GOP nomination, also endorsing Mitt Romney during the press conference.

One pundit’s take on why Tancredo never gained much more than a couple percentage points in the polls:

“The other Republican candidates adopted Tancredo’s tough line on illegal immigration,” CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider said. “What happens when you out-Tancredo Tancredo? You don’t need Tancredo any more.”

How profound!