In the spirit of the holiday season, combined with the holiday-like, giddy feelings that political junkies are getting with the upcoming Iowa Caucus, I wanted to have the PD Contributors and readers help me compose an up-to-date, politically drive version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Starting this Saturday, and every day leading up to the day before the Iowa Caucus, I’m asking for all of you to give a suggestion for a line in the song. We will be working backwards, from twelve down to one.

So on Saturday, I’ll be looking for something like:

“On the twelfth day before Iowa the campaign gave to me, Twelve Pollsters Polling”

I’ll post what I feel are the three best on the day after and then on the morning of the Iowa Caucus, I’ll post the entire song.

If anyone has some singing talent and wished to produce a YouTube singing version of this sure to be smash hit single, please let me know!