It’s a great plan if you enjoyed the Crusades. Or if you support terrorism committed by friendly folks just trying to convince you that Islam is the only true religion. Mike Huckabee’s latest ad shows him in front of a Christmas tree, reminding everyone to take time to step away from politics because “what really matters is the celebration of the birth of Christ…” Actually, Mike, that’s what matters to you, but not necessarily to everyone else, and certainly is no cause of glory for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.

Huck defended the ad with an even worse position, claiming that despite excluding other religions, it was harmless. Harmless to whom? If you are the segregator, you are rarely aiming to harm yourself, just someone else. Exclusion is forced segregation, and the entire concept is outdated and definitively harmful.

That most people will not care about the ad is just as well, and superficially it does seem innocuous, but considered along with Huckabee’s brand of “Jesus juice“, his idea to quarantine AIDS patients, and his agreement that women should “submit graciously“, a Huckabee pattern of exclusion, segregation, and inequality becomes dangerously evident.