Neo-Paul-itans have done it again. Commemorating the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, when American revolutionaries flavored Boston Harbor with taxed tea leaves, supporters yesterday dumped a staggering $6m into the campaign coffers of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. No friend of the tax man, Paul, the ten-term Texas Congressman, has included ending the IRS as a rallying point in his minimalist government platform.

The stunning donation total, tallied by the minute on Paul’s website, breaks John Kerry’s 2004 record ($5.7m) for single-day money raised in a primary. Making the haul even more impressive were the 58,000+ donors who joined the party, making the average donation just over $100. Having caused an outpouring of $4.2m on November 5th, grass roots organizers one-upped themselves, raising Paul’s 4th quarter donations to nearly $18 million, more than triple Paul’s already surprising 3rd quarter numbers.

Aside from the obvious financial windfall, organizers used the single-day concept to force media attention, which they view as unjustifiably lacking, on the Paul campaign. With former frontrunners Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney having stumbled lately, and considering the myriad bad press stories finding recent surprise, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul supporters are hoping the money and press from the biggest Ron Paul snowball yet could be enough to push Paul into serious contention in early primary states.