Back in October, I wrote a piece on the Giuliani campaign’s strategery shift to contend in New Hampshire.

That plan was based on “fear and opportunity”; fear that Mitt Romney would sweep the early contests and build such momentum that he would be unbeatable, and opportunity to make some inroads with the voters in New Hampshire.

Well, with fear and opportunity both fading, Rudy has significantly lowered the buys of TV ads from The Granite State to concentrate on his campaign in Florida.

More details from the Giuliani campaign:

“An important objective throughout has been to keep the race wide open until February 5,” said this source. “With the increased spending and negativity of Gov. Romney’s campaign, the rise of Gov. Huckabee and the staying power of McCain, the fluidity looks like it will keep this race wide open past the first few states.”

Unsaid but implied is that they’re not as worried about Romney running the table in the early states and building up enough momentum to render Giuliani’s Florida and Tsunami Tuesday strategy irrelevant.

Pulling money out of New Hampshire, added the aide, will allow them “to marshal our resources for Florida and February 5, while keeping options open for changes in the early states.”

An interesting side effect of Rudy’s pull back in NH could give more of a bounce to the John McCain push in New Hampshire.

The Giuliani retreat comes on the heels of McCain receiving endorsements from Senator Joe Lieberman and the Boston Globe. The lesser Giuliani presence should mean less competition getting moderate Republican votes for McCain.