Everybody talks about the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire, with a further nod to South Carolina and Nevada, until Super Tuesday comes along and knocks the little states back into their places. While Huckabee and Obama are surging in early states and Rudy and Hillary are squirming amid fading national leads, Ron Paul has snuck under the radar and jumped to a lead in the biggest of the Super Tuesday states.

California, you ask? No, not the state with the largest population, the largest state: Alaska. In a recent poll, Paul took 29% in libertarian-friendly Alaska, while Huck grabbed 22% and Rudy snagged bronze with 14%. While Alaska certainly lacks voting power in national conventions, it does mark the first time that Paul has led in any state-wide poll. With over $11m already in the bank this quarter, and an all but guaranteed multi-million dollar donor outpouring on Dec 16th – the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party – Paul will have just a few short weeks to spend that money if he hopes to continue to increase his poll numbers and make an impressive showing in the (smaller) early states.