Now that he has grabbed a lead in Iowa, Mike Huckabee has become the main target of his opponents. Mitt Romney ran a commercial contrasting his actions as governor (opposing illegal immigration) with Huck’s support for instate tuition and scholarships for illegals. Fred Thompson followed with his “apology” to Huckabee for pointing out Huck’s tax-raising, Castro-appeasing policies to the public. Now even Ron Paul, his famously frugal campaign now flush with funds, has joined the fray.

Paul’s campaign is paying two former Republican Congressmen from Huckabee’s home state of Arkansas (Rep. Randy Minton and Sen. Jim Holt) to speak their minds on, i.e. criticize, Huck’s record on immigration, taxes, and (over)spending. Minton’s criticisms are especially damning as Huckabee had specifically mentioned Minton in a recent call for Republican support from his home state. As for the former senator, Huckabee spoke out against Holt’s anti-illegal immigration proposal in 2005, stating, “I drink a different kind of Jesus juice,” an odd turn of words not likely to sway anyone besides fans of Jim Jones.